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Restoring Chronically Ill Dental Patients Back to Life

What else is needed to widen airway and promote sleep besides oral appliances?  

At the minimum, a bone building nutrients from eating healthy goes hand in hand

with epigenetic redevelopment. 


Snoring is mouth breathing during sleep, and teeth grinding is one frame in a movie called 6-Foot Tiger 3-Foot Cage.  How far down the hill is your bruxer, snorer, or CPAP-intolerant patient?


Many dental patients are chronically ill, systemically inflamed, sympathetically activated, and adrenally depleted.  What else do you need in your toolbox to take charge of every airway and sleep case?


This day-long course provides an overview on Whole Health Integration for dentists to see the big picture into which oral sleep appliance fit and how to better manage oral-airway-sleep-pain-moodiness-obesity-diabetes in dental patients. 

Ventilator In Intensive Care Unit + Last Line Therapy


Impaired Mouth Domino


Online Courses  2020

7 Live CE Hours 

with Dr. Felix Liao

Airway Health Solutions recommends Dr. Liao's Whole Health Integration Intermediate Course as an Adjunct Course to our Mini-Residency.
Whole Health Integration is integral to bone remodeling.


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8:30 am - 4:30 pm Course

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Q&A  



$1250 Stand-Alone Course

$999 Add-On to Mini-Residency

(AHS Clients) 

Take Advantage of our AHS Discount  for  

Dr. Felix Liao's Airway-Centered Mouth Doctor (AMD) Certification Program 

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Join Dr.  Liao as he guides you step-by-step on the journey

to truly change lives for good!


About the Presenter

Dr. Felix Liao, , DDS, MAGD, ABGD, MIABMD, is the only director of airway training residency with 2 ground-breaking books, 6-Foot Tiger 3-Foot Cage and Early Sirens, with Licensed To Thrive: How to Build Health & Immunity Proactively coming in Fall 2020.  Dr. Liao’s Airway-centered Mouth Doctor™(AMD) Training turns a general dentist into a wellness doctor who can take charge of the mouth to upgrade whole body health and bolster immunity for her/his dental patients.  Many of Dr. Liao’s AMDs graduates are looking for associates to take over general dentistry.  He is a past President of IABDM.org, and founder of WholeHealth Integration Summit.