My Airway Expansion Journey- Oh No! I Skipped a Night!

Okay, Y'all. The struggle is real! I am finding the more expansion I get, the more stringent I need to be with compliance. Turning the key every 3 weeks is working well for me at this stage (about 5mm expansion.) Slow and steady wins the race!

My initial intention was to go through 2 rounds of upper expanders to reach my goal of 10mm intermolar expansion and upright the lower teeth with a combination of a lower expander and clear aligners. My new reality is to finish this upper expander ( hopefully reach 6mm expansion) and then transition to clear aligners for the upper and lower arches. This will give me an additional 2-4 mm of expansion via "tipping" or "uprighting" of the teeth putting me close to my goal of 10mm. I am going to go back to Dr. Ben Miraglia in a couple weeks to discuss the best option for me to proceed.

AND then this happened... I woke up without my expander in... GASP! This was the first night I fell asleep without it. It was daunting to look at it on my night table. Watch the video below to see how it all panned out!

Stay tuned for my next blog from Dr. Miraglia's office! Wish me luck :)