My Airway Expansion Journey: 5+ months - More Talking, Less Drooling!

Updated: Apr 4

I am happy to say that I am doing well and free from Covid symptoms! This has certainly helped my compliance.

In today's blog, I will show how the body compensates over time via bio feedback to reduce the "unwanted side effects' of expansion.

NO MORE SLURPING! Let's face it, in the beginning it is a bit overwhelming when you find yourself drooling and slurping throughout the day. I barely notice this anymore. I am not nearly as watery and in fact many times forget my appliances are in!

I MASTERED "EXPANSION TALK"- I couldn't imagine talking with the appliances in my mouth when I first started my journey! Check out my video to hear first hand my improvement in speech and adaptability. By no means would I give a lecture or speak on a Zoom call with the appliances in, but I can master talking to my family. Now I know if they don't listen, it has nothing to do with my speech, more-so selective hearing!

I also noticed 2 significant structural differences:

1- I can now place my tongue to suction up in the posterior part of my palate!

2- I can finally see my molars when I smile! In my next blog, I will show you before and progress photos so you can see my the changes in my smile and also my facial features. It is quite remarkable!