My Airway Expansion Journey: Visit to Dr. Miraglia, 3+ Mos. into Treatment...Here comes spacing!

Updated: Apr 4

During my expansion treatment, Dr. Miraglia has been monitoring my progress via Zoom calls. Sometimes a physical appointment is necessary to help adjust the appliances. There may be an area where the appliances are pinching (more common in the lower appliance than the upper) and may need a minor adjustment. In my case, the lower expander was digging into my gum tissue a bit. Also, while I am expanding, my high vaulted palate is "dropping" so an adjustment needs to be made to the top part of my upper expander to compensate for my "flatter" palate!

Another concern I had was the spacing that was occurring in my front teeth. I knew I would most likely have spacing but honestly it is unnerving when it first appears. This did effect my stellar compliance during the day. I wanted to slow down the spacing process even more. (More about my compliance in my next blog.)

The spacing was subtle at first. I had light contacts between my teeth when flossing and noticed food getting easily trapped. The only positive I can extract from this is I can see patients flossing more regularly out of pure necessity!

Dr. Miraglia was able to reassure me that since I am doing slow expansion, "The spacing won't be aggressive because we are going nice and slow. It will keep recovering."

I am also aware that once my expansion is completed, I will be transitioning into clear aligners where we can reposition the spacing more appropriately. But realistically with the holidays arriving, I wanted to "Stop the Gaps" so I didn't turn weekly, and planned on turning bi-weekly...but then... I was diagnosed with Covid 19 (ugh) - See my next blog for the details.

Check out our YouTube video of my visit with Dr. Ben Miraglia

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