My Airway Expansion: 6 mos. Visit with Dr. Ben Miraglia- 3 Pertinent Questions Answered

Come join me on my 6 month progress appointment to see what we can learn from Dr. Ben!

3 Important Questions that you may also have if you're considering or undergoing adult palatal expansion:

Lauren: Question #1:: Why did it seem I had MORE spacing on my last check up visit than I do now? Does the spacing decrease as I am expanding?

Dr. Ben Answer: As the foundation grows the teeth tend to migrate together. Space comes and goes, like a rollercoaster. In the end, you shouldn't have significant gaps.

Lauren: Question #2: - I notice that once I reached 3mm of palatal expansion, I need to be more compliant. I can't get away with not wearing the Airway Health Expansion Appliances for more than 1 hour without it feeling really tight. Why is this?

Dr. Ben Answer: That is correct! In the beginning you had more forgiveness. Once you hit the 3mm mark of palatal expansion, you have made a significant change, you have more room for relapse. If you stop wearing the Airway Health Expansion Appliances, it will go back on you rather quickly.

Lauren Question #3: On my lower expander, i have not been as compliant since I do not need as much expansion on the lower arch. Is it okay to lag behind with the turning schedule of the lower Airway Health Expansion Appliance?

Dr. Ben Answer: If you feel it is too much pressure, half a turn is fine, once a week vs. a full turn every 2 weeks.

Dr. Ben also shared that the idea is to increase the expansion comfortably. You don't want to force it. If we retch up the pressure prematurely, we can cause trauma vs. growth.

My 2 biggest take-aways from my visit with Dr. Ben Miraglia are:

1 - I have made great strides in my palatal expansion journey :)

2 - "Faster" isn't better. In fact, in my case, I will be better off going at my own comfortable pace. I'm good with that!


Went from 29mm to 33mm intramolarly. 7 more mm to go! Goal =40mm.

See you next time further along my expansion journey!


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