My Airway Expansion Journey: 4 Improvements in my Smile!

Updated: Apr 4

This is an exciting post for me to share! My due diligence/compliance is paying off!

Over the past 6 months, I have been gradually noticing my smile appear wider, my premolars no longer hidden in the shadows of my buccal corridor. When I actually compare my photos from this time last year, I am blown away!

The pictures below represent 6+ months progress of my expansion therapy. The pictures on the left were taken early 2020. Meaning, I am a year older in the pictures on the right.

Before: Jan 2020- 29mm: AGE 50 Progress: Feb 14, 2021- 33mm: AGE 51

Below are the TOP 4 VISUAL IMPROVEMENTS of my progress noted from expanding my dental arches:

1 - My face looks more proportionate. By expanding my premolars and molars the width and the height (vertical dimension of occlusion -VDO) has increased. Basically I am growing my maxilla (upper jaw.) which I commonly refer to as the "beauty bone"

2- I can see my molars! I used to only see from canine to canine when I smiled. But now, I see past the "social 6"! Take a look at my before pictures. Notice how my teeth tip in, especially on the left side of my mouth. Compare that section of my mouth to the progress picture. You can see how my arch form is turning into a Wide U shaped arch vs. An Omega shaped arch. Now that my posterior teeth are no longer hidden, this makes for a broader, wider and more aesthetic smile.

3- Bye Bye "Gummy Smile." Now that my maxilla is becoming more prominent, the appearance of a gummy smile has diminished. This is obvious when comparing my gingival display in my before/progress photos.

4- More Vibrant, Youthful Appearance- Maybe its' wishful thinking, but do I appear younger to you? Keep in mind the progress pictures are 1 full year later. I believe that better sleeping, breathing, and knowing I am taking care of myself puts me at ease. .. and it shows on my face!

When I showed my before and after pics to my Airway Health Solutions client, Dr. Scott Province, of Manhattan, NY, he shared; "Looks great! I can really see the change. The smile of the future, hopefully...A smile that says, 'I can breathe!"

Stay tuned for my next blog where I share my 6 month progress at Dr. Ben Miraglia's office. Dr. Ben and I will show you what it looks like to go from an intra-molar width of 29mm to 34 mm. AMAZING THE DIFFERENCE JUST 4MM OF EXPANSION CAN MAKE!

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