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REMplenish attacks the root cause of snoring and tiredness, just by drinking water.


The REMplenish water bottle is the natural way to fight snoring by exercising mouth and throat muscles to reduce vibration and collapsibility of your upper airway while you drink.


The novel myofunctional therapy nozzle combines effective myofunctional therapy with the convenience of working out by drinking water.


All you have to do is drink 1-2 bottles (32oz) of water a day.


The simple therapy uses repetitions and resistance to exercise tongue, mouth, and throat muscles involved with snoring. The therapy consists of Tongue Suction to draw water in, Tongue Press to compress the nozzle against the roof of your mouth, and increasing swallowing repetitions.

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There are 3 strategic areas of attack
that the device uses to fight snoring


Tighten muscles in the throat and soft palate to reduce vibration and collapsibility by increasing daily swallows by 20-50%.


  Tighten tongue muscles to reduce/prevent the tongue from falling back in the throat while sleeping by exercising genioglossus.


Promote tongue on roof of mouth with light suction and nasal breathing while at rest through repetitions and building muscle memory. 

93% of snorers have reported snoring improvement after one month of device use.
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