Eye Opening Webinar 

with Dr. Felix Liao and Dr. Ben Miraglia

Dr Felix Liao & Dr. Ben Miraglia Unite

for Airway Health Solutions

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Join us for this free groundbreaking 2 CE Hour webinar to learn from 2 top educators on how craniofacial growth & development and airway health is paramount to comprehensive health care, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic era. You will never look at dentistry the same!

Dr. Ben Miraglia - Intercepting Sleep Disordered Breathing 

This live webinar will tie it all together! Join Dr. Ben Miraglia as he reviews why Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) is epidemic and how integral the dental team is in intercepting its devastating consequences. Dental professionals are in the unique position to spearhead collaborative care to address the root causes of SDB via growth and development of the jaws. medical conditions.


Learning Objectives:

• Understand the etiology of Sleep Disordered Breathing and Malocclusion
• Recognize the signs/symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing
• Discuss the importance of early intervention via proper growth and development of the jaws.

Dr. Felix Liao - Best Rebound from COVID: Bolster Immunity Airway & Sleep 

To re-open for business after COVID lockdown, restaurants and airlines have to retool to answer consumers’ fears. So does your office. How can you make your patients want to return to you again? Help them sleep, fix their pain, revive their brains and dental pulps with oxygen. Your patients are turning blue waiting for you to take up airway diagnosis and offer them a root-cause solution.


Learning Objectives:

• Connect the COVID relevance of airway, sleep, obesity, and inflammation.
• Understand oral contributions to chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog and more.
• Know Impaired Mouth Syndrome and how to help their dental patients.


About the Speaker

Dr. Miraglia lectures nationally on Sleep Disordered Breathing, GP Orthodontics, TMD, Occlusion and Comprehensive Dentistry. He is on the board of directors for American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry. Since 2013, Dr. Miraglia is an honored member of the President's Council of Northern Westchester Hospital in Mt. Kisco, New York. Dr. Miraglia has been recognized annually as a "Leader in Continuing Education" by Dentistry Today five years running, 2014-2018. 


About the Speaker 

Dr. Felix Liao, , DDS, MAGD, ABGD, MIABMD, is the only director of airway training residency with 2 ground-breaking books, 6-Foot Tiger 3-Foot Cage and Early Sirens, with Licensed To Thrive: How to Build Health & Immunity Proactively coming in Fall 2020.  Dr. Liao’s Airway-centered Mouth Doctor™(AMD) Training turns a general dentist into a wellness doctor who can take charge of the mouth to upgrade whole body health and bolster immunity for her/his dental patients.  Many of Dr. Liao’s AMDs graduates are looking for associates to take over general dentistry.  He is a past President of IABDM.org, and founder of WholeHealth Integration Summit.