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Why integrate "Expansive Orthodontics? "

  • 3 out of 4 patients present malocclusion

  • 22 millions Americans suffer from OSA


We help you with the opportunity to provide clear aligner therapy and functional appliance therapy to your patients to increase their oral cavity  volume, promoting proper tongue placement and correct arch morphology.  Our philosophy is to treat the root of the problem vs treating symptoms; a win-win for patient and practice health! 

Customized Support 

We are with you and your team every step of the way to utilize  GP orthodontics to provide your patients with a healthy occlusion and a better airway.

Clear Aligner Therapy/Functional Appliance integration is a team sport! 

We provide customized training for each member of the team from how to set up for a case, to insurance matters. We provide full service team implementation so you can focus on patient care and production!


Our Services


We guide you and your team every step of the way to utilize expansive orthodontics into your practice 

Clear Aligner Therapy
Adult Expansive Appliances
Guides / Appliances
Ortho / Restorative Cases
Clinical Team Training


Financial Team Training 


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Meet the team

Ben Miraglia, DDS
Chief Clinical Consultant
     Lauren Gueits, RDH, OMT, BS
Founder/ Principal Consultant
Rachel Smith, RDH
Financial & Digital Integration Consultant 
Kevin Ohlendorf, President, Ohlendorf Lab Appliances
Dedicated Lab Technician 

Happy Clients

Hiring Lauren and Dr. Miraglia was one of the smartest things I have done in my career. Airway driven orthodontic expansion is the most important clinical addition ever to my practice

Johnson, Dentist from FL

My team and I see all of our patients with new eyes!  Since becoming airway focused, we have increased our clear aligner cases 10 fold! 

Mike,  Dentist from   V A

Sequencing Perio, Minor Restorative, Invisalign, Major restorative is a paradigm shift from norm of Invisalign but it makes so much sense and is practice changing!

Ken, Dentist from MN 


Annual Membership

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  • Unlimited case reviews

  • Unlimited case setups

  •  Customized Team Training Options 

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  • Unlimited case reviews

  • Unlimited case setups

  •  Customized Team Training Options 

3 Month


  • Unlimited case reviews

  • Unlimited case setups

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We pride ourselves on customizing our services to help your office integrate airway health solutions for your patients. 

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