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TMD to Ortho

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Treating the TMD Patient - The Prequel to Airway and Ortho
Course Overview

Dr. Michael Gelb, world renowned expert with 40 years of treating TMD disorders ranging from minor to debilitating symptoms, and published author of the #1 Best Seller book GASP,  now brings his tried-and-true techniques to the general dentist! His goal is to help dentists identify and treat TMD patients as a segue to orthodontics and airway health. This allows practitioners to further address and treat the underlying cause of TMD, which is underdevelopment of the jaws or refer to an orthodontic specialist. 

Patients commonly present with clenching, clicking, jaw pain and headache. Tooth sensitivity, tooth wear, abfractions and broken restorations are other frequent findings. Add to that ear symptoms, such as fullness, ringing and ear pain as well as chronic neck tightness as common co-morbidities of TMD. 

All these signs and symptoms are the first sign of a potential airway disorder. Most of these patients will also admit that they are not waking up feeling refreshed and lack energy during the day. 

The entire work up, exam, bite taking, and diagnostic process will be explained including CBCT and home sleep tests (HST). The 2–3 month TMJ/Airway appliance therapy protocol will be shown as well as the trust transfer to the general dentist for orthodontic finishing . 

This course will provide you the tools and step by step instructions on how to screen, work-up, integrate the 2-3 month TMJ/Airway appliance therapy protocol. You will then have the option to treat orthodontically or transfer the case to referring orthodontic specialist. 

We also provide an interactive case review and robust Q&A sessions for enhanced interaction! 

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the common signs and symptoms of TMD and Airway 

  • Familiarity with CBCT of the jaws, TMJ, nose and Airway

  • Integrate TMD treatment pathways for different TMD case types 

  • Be able to construct an ideal bite for TMJ treatment that allows healing to occur while opening the airway 

  • Insert a daytime and nighttime TMJ/Airway appliance to alleviate symptoms prior to orthodontic therapy 


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May 20th, 2022
Time 9:00AM - 5:30PM ET

Including Interactive

Happy Hour Case Review

* Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be offered. Attendee may attend a future virtual event if unable to attend the  scheduled event.

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Airway Chat with Dr. Michael Gelb: 
Treating the Acute TMD Patient

This was an epic hour of dental education!

Watch Dr. Gelb's and Dr. Miraglia's informative hour filled with learnings about managing the Acute TMD Patient and Collaborative Care using Airway Orthodontics to help treat TMD patients. 

You will be amazed by the pearls provided throughout the entire hour. Please consider sharing with your colleagues!

Michael Gelb, DDS, MS
TMJ and Sleep Specialist

Dr. Michael Gelb is a highly rated author and speaker on TMJ, sleep apnea, sleep disorders and chronic headache treatments. After graduating from Columbia University with a DDS degree, he received his MS degree at SUNY Buffalo in Neuromuscular Research. Dr.Gelb went on to become Clinical Professor at NYU where he directed the TMJ and Orofacial Pain program. Dr Gelb provides solutions for dentists to incorporate TMJ,  Airway and Sleep into their practices. He is also the cofounder of The Foundation of Airway Health and it’s Airway Summit. Dr. Gelb is the coauthor of GASP: Airway Health- The Hidden Path to Wellness and maintains a private practice in NYC and White Plains. He has pioneered AirwayCentric Medical and Dental education and recently developed the ACG Day Night Appliance System.

The Gelb Center was founded over 30 years ago by Dr. Michael Gelb’s father, Dr. Harold Gelb. Since then, Dr. Michael has taken his father’s findings to the next level through his Airway Centric® integrated therapy. 

Dr. Michael Gelb is dedicated to improving his patients’ health by reducing pain, restoring refreshing sleep and transforming lives.


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